School Age

5 to 12 Years Old

We offer a summer camp daytime program for 5-12 year olds. Some of our centers also offer before and after-school care. Contact your local Bright Ideas Enrichment Center to find out which programs are available.

Our first priority for all age groups is to keep your child safe and happy. However, our school-age programs go a step further. With a fresh approach that keeps learning enjoyable, and the availability of many discovery areas, the Bright Ideas Family keeps every child (even the most adamant purveyor of "I'm big enough to be at home”) excited to be involved.

Whether your child wants to work on a creative art project, do homework, or just relax, we offer a fun environment where after-schoolers want to be.

Our programs provide opportunities for students to interact with one another as they participate in activities that challenge their imagination, and give them a social/recreational outlet for all of their after-school energy! Follow the link below for more details about our program.

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